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“Be warned – Jamie Rix’s splendidly nasty short stories can be genuinely scary, but as the protaganists are obnoxious brats with names like Peregrine and Tristram, you may find yourself cheering as they meet their sticky ends.” Independent on Sunday

"These are moral tales told in a honey-lush prose spiced with salutory bolts of carbolic and with an amoral relish for the deserving victims' ghastly Nemeses." Books For Keeps

“Fifteen well-crafted stories each show how the disorderly and the fantastic lurk just beneath the ordinary and the workaday. A smashing summer evening’s dipping-into trove this one.” The Guardian

“An excellent book of stories for all but the most timid…the accumulation of grimness is also part of the effect, so older children can enjoy this collection by themselves and adults can have a marvellous time reading them to younger ones.” Books for your Children

GRIZZLY TALES (Orion Children’s Books)
More cautionary tales from the Master of Squeam!

“Gruesome children everywhere will give them a great welcome even if an adult here or there is given to murmurs of disapproval.” Junior Bookshelf

These new stories are not to be missed. Visit The Hothell Darkness and let The Night Night Porter tell you a few tales from his Visitor’s Book. Read in horror as a lazy girl in a sleeping bag transforms herself into a witchetty grub, as a fashion victim tries on his own skin, as the Weather Witch kicks up a storm, and a Bugaboo Bear takes its glassy-eyed revenge on its not so-loving owner. Cringe when obesity explodes over the TV camera, when statues come to life and plants eat flesh. Meet the ugliest prince in the Universe, a wastrel who is recycled by Recyclops and the girl with a face full of bees!

Vol 1 - Nasty Little Beasts   Buy Now!  (ISBN 978-1-84255-549-1)
GT Nasty Beasts

Vol 2 – Gruesome Grown Ups Buy Now! (ISBN 978-1-84255-550-7)
GT Gruesome grown ups

Vol 3 – The ME! Monsters  Buy Now! (ISBN 978-1-84255-551-4)
GGT me monsters

Vol 4 – Freaks of Nature  Buy Now! (ISBN 978-1-84255-552-1)
GT Freaks of nature

Vol 5 – Terror Time Toys Buy Now! (ISBN 978-1-84255-553-1)
GT Terror time toys

Vol 6 – Blubbers and Sicksters  Buy Now! (ISBN 978-1-84255-554-1)
GT Blubbers and sicksters

Vol 7 – The Gnaughty Gnomes of ‘No!’ Buy Now! (ISBN 978-1-84255-647-4)
GT Gnaughty gnomes

Vol 8 -  Superzeroes Buy Now! (ISBN 978-1-84255-648-1)
GT Superzeroes

Vol 9 -  A Grizzly Dozen Buy Now! (ISBN – 978-1-4440-0012-2)
GT Superzeroes

A GRIZZLY DOZEN comprises the entire contents of books 1 (NASTY LITTLE BEASTS) and 2 (GRUESOME GROWN-UPS)


“Jamie Rix tells us that bad ghosts always stay that way but bad children can improve, which is reassuring because his stories are full of unpleasant children. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.” The School Librarian

Originally there was Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids which won the Children’s Choice award at the Smarties Prize in 1990.

Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids  Buy Now! (ISBN 0-439-01446-8)
GT Gruesome
Getting a haircut? Eating spaghetti? Having a birthday party? You may think these all sound like very ordinary things to do. But read on and see how GRIZZLY they can really be. Includes The Spaghetti Man, Glued To The Telly and The Barber of Civil.

Ghostly Tales For Ghastly Kids  Buy Now! (ISBN 0-590-13242-3)
GT Ghostly
From spooky school dinners to the grubbiest ghost in the world, here are fifteen scary tales full of ghostly, ghastly, gruesome goings on. So if you like to send a shiver up your spine, read on…if you dare. Includes Grandmother’s Footsteps, The Tangled Web and The Locked Door.

Fearsome Tales For Fiendish Kids  Buy Now! (ISBN 0-340-64095-2)
GT Fearsome
What terrible cure lies in store for the girl who feigns illness when it’s time to go to school? And what about Serena Slurp, the greedy guzzler who can’t stop gorging? Or Johnny Bullneck, the bully who gets his fingers burnt (and more!)? And Bessy O’Messy, whose bedroom is like a bomb pit? Or Well’ard Willard who tells his last lie and doesn’t live to regret it? Grim and ghastly fates await fiendish kids with terrible habits.

More Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids  Buy Now! (ISBN 0-439-99818-2)
GT more gt
Are you a day dreamer? A bad loser? A nose-picker? Nothing wrong with that, you might think. But read on and see how GRIZZLY they can really be.
Includes Revenge of The Bogeyman, The Upset Stomach and Bunny Boy.

All four books have gone out of print, but don’t worry. You can still buy the books online and your local library will definitely have copies.


"I played all five (stories) to my own junior jury aged 12, 7 and 5. They sat spellbound for 75 minutes, a rare event."
“They are superior morality stories and Nigel Planer reads them with a delight that borders on the fiendish.Sunday Times

Grizzly Tales “Nasty Little Beasts” Part 1 Buy Now! (Read by Rupert Degas)        ORION
Grizzly Tales “Nasty Little Beasts” Part 2 Buy Now! (Read by Rupert Degas)        ORION
Grizzly Tales “Gruesome Grown Ups” Part 1 Buy Now! (Read by Rupert Degas)   ORION

Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids Buy Now!
(Read by Andrew Sachs)          ISBN 0-7451-4465-9
Ghostly Tales For Ghastly Kids Buy Now! 
(Read by Andrew Sachs)         ISBN 0-7451-2471-2
Fearsome Tales For Fiendish Kids Buy Now!
(Read by Nigel Planer)         ISBN 0-7540-5199-4
More Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids Buy Now!
(Read by Bill Wallis)        ISBN 0-7540-5255-9


These grizzly stories have been animated on CiTV. Six series have already been made making 78 programmes in all. More are planned! As well as winning all sorts of prizes (including 4 BAFTA nominations and 2 British Animation Awards), Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids has had one or two nice things said about it as well!

“They should all watch Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids, a quirky new animated series of cautionary tales for lovers of squeam.” Observer

“…deliciously wicked new animation series.” Daily Telegraph

“Mix Dahl with Belloc and you can anticipate with glee these animated tales of Jamie Rix. Even William Brown’s antics pale beside noisy chocoholic Serena Slurp…” Daily Telegraph

“Great Cartoony illustrations, narration by Nigel Planer and a funny punchline all add up to a winning programme.” Daily Mail

“Darkly comic…” Daily Mail

“It may be a childrens’ story, but many a modern-day trendy parent could watch and learn.” Evening Standard

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Grizzly DVD

You can catch eight episodes of the animated Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids on a brand new DVD called GRIZZLY TALES - Monty’s Python and Other Tales

This DVD is scary! The producers accept no responsibility if children are forced to watch it from behind the sofa!

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